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Birth of                               Kimble County Courthouse - 1905                                             By the late 1920’s, the progres-
a county...                                                                                                      sive citizens felt a need for the
                                       ties, brought livestock to Kimble    good school.                         benefits of municipal government;
           By Frederica Wyatt          County for grazing. Indian             The county population as of the    and on August 29, 1927, H. O.
  The Texas Legislature, on Janu-      depredations forced them back to                                          Denman and 152 others presented
ary 22, 1858, enacted legislation      their home territories, and years    2010 census was 4,607 citizens.      a petition to Kimble County
to create Kimble County. Prior to      later, they collected damages from   The estimate in 2013 was 4,438       Judge J. B. Randolph asking that
that time, the area was a part of      the federal government for losses    residents.                           an election be called for the sole
Bexar County.                          sustained in Comanche and Kiowa                                           purpose of submitting a vote on
  The new county was named for         Indian raids.                        ... a city                           the question of whether or not the
Lt. George C. Kimble, who died                                              follows                              territory should be incorporated
at the Alamo. He was one of the          After the war, the population                                           for municipal purposes.
“Immortal 32” from Gonzales,           steadily increased as word spread      “Kimble County has about
Texas.                                 about the abundant water and         300 inhabitants and is located         Judge Randolph called the elec-
  In the interim between its           lush valleys of the Llanos.          immediately at the junction of       tion, and 274 qualified votes were
creation and organization in 1876,                                          the North and South forks of the     cast “for corporation” and 116
the new county was attached              According to census records,       Llano, has a good courthouse and     “against corporation”.
to Gillespie County for judicial       there were 72 citizens in Kimble     jail, two stores, general merchan-
purposes.                              County in 1870. By 1880, the         dise and a furniture store, all        Name of the new city was to be
  Long before the white frontiers-     figure had increased to 1,343, and    doing a profitable business. There    “Junction”.
men came, Apache and Jumano            by 1890 the population was 2,243.    is lumber now on the ground for
Indians claimed the land. Some                                              the construction of a Christian        (Vol. 1, City Council Minutes of
historians believe the San Cle-          The Frontier Battalion of Rang-    church.                              Junction, Texas).
mente Mission was located in           ers drove most of the Indians from
the area now known as Kimble           the region in the 1870’s, and the      “The Methodists are also on the      A city officers’ election was
County.                                last white men killed by Indians     eve of building. A good school       duly held on October 13, 1927,
  In the eighteenth century, Span-     in the county were Isaac Kountz      will be opened the first Monday of    and elected were E. Holekamp,
ish explorers came in an attempt       and Sam Speer on December 24,        next month.                          mayor; Will Emsley, city marshal;
to Christianize the Indians and        1876.                                                                     Edgar Jordan, W. B. Buster, J. A.
impress them with the strength of                                             “The Texas Western is a new        Heyman, Frank Bissett and N. C.
imperial Spain.                          The area was an ideal hideout      issue from Junction City with J. F.  Patterson, aldermen.
  In 1739, Joseph de Urrutia           for outlaws, and in 1877, Texas      Lewis, editor and proprietor...”
waged a campaign against the           Rangers rounded up many desper-                                             (Vol. 1, Page 5, City Council
Indians, and in 1754, Pedro de Ra-     adoes to be tried at Kimbleville.      By a deed of partition on his      Minutes).
bago y Teran explored the region.                                           twenty-first birthday anniversary,
Five years later, Diego Oritz Parilla    On February 28, 1882, the          William McLane III of Concho           With the city government set in
crossed the area. In July, 1767,       Galveston Daily News reported        County, Texas, became the owner      motion, the city council consid-
Marquis de Rubi made an inspec-        that immigration into Kimble         of the odd numbered lots in          ered the needs of the people and
tion tour of the southwest frontier,   County was flowing at a great         Junction (Vol. A, Page:168, Deed     passed a number of ordinances,
and in 1808, Don Francisco             rate.                                Records of Kimble County, Texas).    many that are still in force and ef-
Amangual crossed the eastern                                                The same day, August 31, 1883,       fect. The waterworks system was
part of the county in his journey        There were 18,516 head of          the young McLane sold the lots to    purchased from the Llano River Ir-
to establish a route between San       cattle, 1,450 horses and mules,      G. W. Ragsdill, H. H. Allen and W.   rigation and Milling Company for
Antonio and Santa Fe.                  19,670 sheep, 2,259 goats, and       A. Williamson (Vol. A, Page 171,     the sum of $18,000.00. Improve-
  Seven years before the county        1,562 hogs. Residents numbered       Deed Records of Kimble County,       ments were made, and a sewer
was created, Captain Henry Mc-         approximately 1,800.                 Texas).                              system was built in 1929.
Culloch (later a Civil War general)
was commander of a ranger post a         The newspaper further reported                                            In 1939 and 1940, a new mu-
short distance below the junction      that Junction City had 300 inhab-                                         nicipal building and fire station
of the North and South Llano Riv-      itants, a good courthouse and jail,                                       was built on the block of land east
ers. Two military roads, one from      two stores, two churches, and a                                           of the courthouse square. W. N.
San Antonio to Fort Terrett, and                                                                                 Hardeman was engineer for the
one from Fort McKavett to Fort                                                                                   project, and D. C. Maddux was
Clark, crossed the county.                                                                                       the architect.
  Few, if any, settlers came
before the 1850’s. One of the first                                                                                 A number of subdivisions have
pioneers was Raleigh Gentry who                                                                                  been annexed to the original
moved to Bear Creek in about                                                                                     city limits. A municipal swim-
1857.                                                                                                            ming pool was built in 1955, and
  Other settlers followed, and                                                                                   extensive improvements have
during the Civil War, ranchers                                                                                   been made to the waterworks,
from Burnet and other coun-                                                                                      sewer system, parks and streets
                                                                                                                 in the city. According to the 2014
JUNCTIONTEXAS.COM                                                                                                estimates, the town has 2,498

                                                                                                                       Learn more about the history
                                                                                                                     of Junction and Kimble County
                                                                                                                    at the Kimble County Historical

                                                                                                                            Museum located at
                                                                                                                      101 N. 4th Street in Junction.

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