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8                                      Heart of  the Texas Triangle
                                         2  Annual

        aims to release the artist within

      By Roxanne Thompson • The Mexia News, Staff Writer        from any age and on any Mexia-related subject. Artists
                                                                may use virtually any medium and are encouraged to begin
         Event  organizers  in  Mexia  are  planning  the  perfect   now so they will have enough time to finish their entry in
      occasion to let the artistic yearnings inside everyone break   time for the event. The top winners in each category will
      free.  The  second  annual  Mexia  Downtown  ArtsFest  is   receive awards. The entrants’ artwork will be displayed
      coming Saturday, Sept. 22, to the Mexia Civic Center.     inside the Civic Center so those attending may study and

         Activities start at 10 a.m., both inside and in front of the   enjoy the art in a cool environment.
      Civic Center and run to about 2 or 3 p.m.                    Some of last year’s entries in the #MyMexiaTX category
         One of the high-profile activities is the art contest, which   are hanging inside the Business Resource Center, at the
      will include three age categories: 12 and under, 13-18, and   intersection of Sherman and Palestine, where the Mexia
      19 and up; a fourth category is #MyMexiaTX, and can be    EDC and Chamber of Commerce are located.
                                                                   “If visitors go through the hallway  of the Business
                                                                Resource Center, they may see artwork from last year’s
                                                                contest,” said JoAnna Shivers, who is secretary of Mexia
                                                                Downtown. “We want to replace those this year with some

                                                                from the #MyMexiaTX category.”
                                                                   Those  removed  will  be  returned  to  their  respective
                                                                   ArtsFest, however, is much more than the flagship art
                                                                contest, Shivers said.
                                                                   “We want to make sure people know that we want to
                                                                celebrate not only visual art but music, dance, anything
                                                                that would be classified as art, not just paintings, sketches
                                                                and photographs,” she said. Consequently, there will be

                                                                live performances for people to enjoy, with musicians and
                                                                dancers performing on stages outside the Civic Center –
                                                                all for free.
                                                                   There will also be a variety of other fun things for people
                                                                of all ages to do, such as face-painting, bounce houses for
                                                                the kids, games, giveaways, possibly animals to interact

       Jennifer Jones, center, son Tristian, then 8, and daughter Destiny Carroll,   with, and craft vendors.
       admire some of the many entries in last year’s Mexia ArtsFest art contest.   Also that day, attendees  may try their hand at rock-
       This year’s ArtsFest will be held Homecoming Weekend,    painting.
       Saturday, Sept. 22, at the Mexia Civic Center.
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