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                                                               HARRY AND

                                                          JILL CONNICK

                                                                         ALERT THE NEW
                                                          50S TO COLON CANCER PREVENTION

                                                                            By Patricia  Danflous

                                                                     There’s the nine-year-old Harry
                                                               Connick Jr. with flexible fingers flying over
                                                               the keyboard as he performs on stage with
                                                                          a symphony orchestra.

                                                                        here’s the     center stage in a new role.
                                                                        teen-age Harry   Connick and Jill, his wife of 25
                                                                        hanging out and   years, are spotlighting colon
                                                                        performing in   cancer awareness, screening
                                                             TNew Orleans              and early detection especially
                                                             French Quarter jazz clubs -   for those in the “New 50”
                                                             with parental approval and   age range.
                                                             encouragement.               “Cancer's a real drag,”
                                                                Harry, the singer, compos-  Harry said as his expression
                                                             er, director and actor with a   transitioned from warm and
                                                             multi-aged fan base. Harry   friendly, to engaging and seri-
                                                             the crazed, serial killer in the   ous during an interview with
                                                             movie "Copycat"; Harry de-  INSPIRE HEALTH. “Jill and I
                                                             buting on Broadway as "The   have both, unfortunately, a lot
                                                             Pajama Game" lead.        of experience personally with
                                                                Mardi Gras enthusiasts   cancer in different ways. I did
                                                             around the world recognize   a movie called "Living Proof"
                                                             him as founder of Orpheus,   where I played a doctor who
                                                             one of the most extravagant   came up with a drug Her-
                                                             parades to roll through the   ceptin. After that movie came
                                                             streets of New Orleans. South   out women—I can remember
                                                             Louisianans know him as an   two who came up to me and
                                                             on-going force in Hurricane   asked, ‘Should I be on Her-
                                                             Katrina relief and recovery.  ceptin? I have breast cancer.’
                                                                The award-winning      That hit me not just because
                                                             multi-talented Harry is also a   they were asking me, as an ac-
                                                             regular guy – a son, husband   tor, for advice, but I recognized
                                                             and father. His behind-the-  that in the throes of that kind
                                                             scenes life is now bringing him   of crisis people are looking for

                                                                To learn more about Jill and Harry Connick, colon cancer
                                                                  and non-invasive screening go to www.cologuardtest.
                                                                com/new50 or take the #ScreenWithMe challenge. Be sure
                                                                  to check with your physician to determine if you are a
                                                                      candidate for the non-invasive screening.

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