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editor’s letter

                                                                            INTERESTED IN PARTNERING WITH
            Have you been inspired by anything lately? When I think about our March   INSPIRE HEALTH NORTH DAKOTA? CONTACT US!
         issue and what the theme means to me, it causes me to really think about the word
         and it’s definition.                                                   ADVERTISING DIRECTOR
            Inspire - to fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something,   Jim Hart
         especially to do some-thing creative. This is the true meaning of  our magazine, to
         Inspire Health. Every issue is de-signed to inspire readers to do something creative   701-857-1963
         for a healthy life.                                                         SALES STAFF
            Try one of  our healthy recipes or use one of  our all-natural remedies in your   Elaine Gunderson
         beauty routine, or simply learn a new procedure to clear your mind and relax.
         Read about how Equine Therapy is helping so many people with anxiety and     701-857-1918
         other mental disorders. Tips for working out, tips for creating a better yard for your   Shannon Rolandson
         pet, tips for helping children overcome the emotions of  a move. There are endless
         possibilities and ideas to help you live a healthy life.                     701-857-1928
            We are so excited about the New 50 and Harry and Jill Connick, Jr.’s quest   Heather Daniels
         to spread the word about colon cancer prevention and awareness. Simply thinking
         about your health and getting screened early can save your life. In their interview   701-857-1926
         it became apparent to me that this power couple was the perfect choice for this   Tanya Kopp
         mission because of  their compassion and experience with Jill overcoming breast
         cancer herself. The New 50 is all about taking better care of  yourself  as you   701-857-1924
         reach this new milestone in your life.  As the risk of  colon cancer increases after   Kat Brossart
         the age of  50, it’s apparent that prevention and early detection is the key.
            Take a walk on the wild side. Do something to inspire others around you to
         live a happy, healthy, cancer-free life.                               MINOTDAILYNEWS.COM
            Failure is not an option,
            Suzanne Fox

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                                              Early detection of

                                                breast cancer is
                                            your best protection.                   mammogram

                                                                                      could save
                                                 Do you have a high deductible         your life.
                                                      or no insurance?
                                            Women’s Way may be the answer.

                                           Call 1.800.44WOMEN to enroll in Women’s Way.
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