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          Lake Waccamaw State Park hiking trail //
          Cypress tree cave //
          Venus fly trap in the Green Swamp //
          Kayaking at Lake Waccamaw //

        Columbus County is one of the southeast’s
        premier hunting and fishing locales.
        Covering 954 square miles, major swaths of
        the county are forested or intertwined with
        fertile  fields.  Beautiful  Lake  Waccamaw,
        one  of  the  largest  natural  lakes  between
        Florida and  New York,  is well known  for
        its schools of white perch. Three wild and
        scenic rivers, the Lumber, Waccamaw and
        Cape  Fear,  wind  their  way  through  scenic
        lowlands on the way to the Atlantic Ocean
        and provide bass, catfish, crappie and bream

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