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        Man’s best friend in training // Turkey hunt-                   and
        ers proudly displaying their prize turkeys //
        Duck hunting a popular pastime in Columbus                      fishing
        County // The big one didn’t get away

        Columbus  is  one  of  the  state’s
        most  rural  counties,  and there is a
        welcoming  tradition  for  outdoors-
        men.  We offer expansive areas for
        hunting bear or deer in the massive
        Green Swamp, wading the lowlands
        and  beaver  ponds  for  wood  ducks,
        or plying the fields for quail, turkey
        or dove on both private and public
        lands.  Outfitters, some  with cabins
        for overnight guests, are available.

        “fishing is a



        Fishing  is  a  time-honored  tradition
        here. Whether they use a cane pole
        to wrestle in a feisty redbreast in one
        or our black water rivers or casting
        into a frenzied school of white perch
        at Lake Waccamaw or Lake Tabor,
        fishermen  will not go  home  disap-
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