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        Reuben Brown House // Reuben Brown House Preservation
        Society Federal era event // NC Museum of  Natural Sciences on
        Madison Street // Face painting at Bug Fest at the NC Museum
        of  Natural Sciences //

                                                                 reuben brown house
                                                                 Reuben Brown was a school master and this is his home, which is a
                                                                 late Federal - era farmhouse built between 1830 and 1840. It houses
                                                                 the Reuben Brown House Preservation Society which is a organization
                                                                 of concerned citizens preserving local history with period music and lit-
                                                                 erature events, as well as sponsoring the A.R. Ammons poetry contest
                                                                 in honor of the renowned American poet originally from Columbus
                                                                 County. The poetry contest has been the inspiration for area school
                                                                 children for 25 years and in 2018 hosted Tracy K. Smith, the Pulitizer
                                                                 prize winning National Poet Laureate.

                                                                 nc museum of natural sciences
                                                                 The museum experience in Whiteville is modeled after proven inter-
                                                                 active programs at the museum’s Raleigh-based Nature Research Cen-
                                                                 ter, Nature Education Center and the Prairie Ridge Ecostation.  The
                                                                 Whiteville museum features an Investigation Lab, Naturalist Center,
                                                                 Outdoor Nature PlaySpace and Discovery Forest.  It offers education
                                                                 and inspiration to visitors free of charge.
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