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10                                     Heart of  the Texas Triangle
                                                                  Archibald said. “Everyone was so excited because we
      Mexia artsFest  • CONTINUED FROM PG 9
                                                                  had not had an ArtsFest before. People are already excited
         “Everyone needs a creative outlet,” she added. “Even if   about it; they’ve already been calling and asking when it is.
      you’re not an artist, you can still find some type of medium   “We need volunteers and performers,” she said. “We’re
      that will allow you to express your creative side. Even if   hoping to have more music, both inside and outside.”
      it’s just viewing art or appreciating it or creating your own   Plans are also in the works for a possible Friday night
      artwork, it’s something that’s worth celebrating.”          event after the Homecoming football game to kick off
         When ArtsFest ends, she wants people to leave with       ArtsFest. More details on that will be available as the date
      the desire to create art. The arts are something Mexia, like   approaches, Archibald said.
      every community, needs, Shivers believes.                     “We’d like to invite people in the Tri-county area to come
         “They need their own version of it,” she said. “Having   and enjoy our second annual ArtsFest. It will be something

      that small town art come to life here is phenomenal, and I   fun and interesting where everyone can learn and take
      want that to keep going.”                                   something away from it.”
         Another change this year is that Mexia Downtown is
      partnering with the Mexia Area Chamber of Commerce
      to produce ArtsFest.
         Chamber President Linda  Archibald is  also inviting
      people to be a part of ArtsFest, whether as a performer, an
      art contest entrant, a volunteer or a vendor, maybe even in
      a combination of those roles.
         “Our first annual Mexia ArtsFest last year was huge,”

                                           IT’S HOT OUT!

                                           Don’t be this guy!      This delightful painting by Carol Grigsby won first place in the 19-and-older age

                                           CALL US TODAY!        category at last year’s Mexia ArtsFest art contest. This year’s ArtsFest is planned for
                                                                      Saturday, Sept. 22, to coincide with Mexia’s Homecoming weekend.

                   Cody Battreall


                                                                   year’s Mexia ArtsFest. That category was very popular, and several winning          TACLB87908E              Ryan Lozano’s entry in the #MyMexia, Texas category came in first place at last
                                                                      entries can be seen on the walls of the Business Resource Center.
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