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Heart of  the Texas Triangle                                         3

         Mexia is famous for    be your destination                            Leah and Megan enjoy visiting Lightsey Farms.
      lots of people, places,   for those delicious
      events and different      peaches and lots of
      things.  The crepe        other fresh vegetable
      myrtles located around    and fruits.
      Mexia are somewhat           We are wishing
      legendary.  Just take a   you a fun summer
      drive around town and     with family and
      you will be surprised     friends.  Rick and
      that there are so many    Raquel Sanders are
      beautiful and old crepe   sharing with you a
      myrtles that were
      planted years and years   family recipe that will
      ago.  And also look for   make a great dish for
      beautiful, colorful and   all of your summer
      small crepe myrtles       get-to-gathers.  Please
      that are just a few years   see their Green
      old.  Don’t forget that   Enchiladas recipe on
      summertime in Mexia       page 6.
      means the peaches           We are wishing you
      are ready.  Historical    a fun summer with
      Lightsey Farms should     family and friends.

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