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4                                      Heart of  the Texas Triangle
       Mexia Area Chamber of Commerce Welcomes You!

        Thank you for your interest in the future                 We provide free membership directories for networking new
      of Mexia, Texas and the surrounding area.                  business opportunities.
      When you or your business becomes a                          The Mexia Area Chamber of Commerce serves as the most
      member of the Mexia Area Chamber of                        effective voice in the Mexia area for the business community,
      Commerce, you’ve made an investment in                     through         which you can join with other business
      our community. Here are a few of the benefits                                       leaders in strengthening the local
      your Chamber strives to provide for you:                                                 economy.
        We are the Mexia Information Store, here                                                 The most valuable
      to answer questions from residents, tourists,                                             benefit of Chamber
      and potential customers to your business.                                                 membership is
        We sponsor events                                                                         that through your
      and promote tourism,                                                                         membership
      which brings excellent                                                                        investment you are
      business income.                                                                             providing financial
        We sponsor business                                                                        support and joining
      seminars and networking events                                                               with fellow business
      to help strengthen your ability                                                            men and women who are
      to compete in our ever-changing                                                       investing their time and energy
      economy.                                                                           to help the Mexia economy grow.
        We offer ribbon cutting ceremonies added publicity of your                   To find our more about becoming a
      business.                                                                  member of the Chamber, please contact
        We inform you of Chamber activities, board actions, and                 Linda Archibald at 254-562-5569 or email
      issues impacting Mexia.                                           

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             Mexia            Fairfield          Coolidge             Waco               Mart            Rosebud
        (254) 562­3821     (903) 389­8686     (254) 786­2297     (254) 420­1007     (254) 876­2571    (254) 583­4606

            *Free Thank You Gift provided at account opening. We reserve the right to substitute an item of similar value. Offer good while supplies last.
            Free Thank You Gift may be reported on a 1099­INT or 1099­Misc. $50 opening deposit required.  For any questions regarding any of our
            accounts please contact your local branch or the main branch 254­562­3821.
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